Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Made It.. Take 2

I finally got a little motivation to get some stuff done for school... although... as the hubs says, "You realize school doesn't start back for another month..." (You know with that look that says you are a crazy person). Ha... I guess I am a crazy person then! So I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for her fabulous Monday Made It!

I actually got ALOT of stuff accomplished this week for the home and the 2nd home (school)! I tried to go up to school, but my hallway is the laaasssttt to be cleaned..poo! So I stayed home and got some projects completed. 
I got an amazing deal on a vintage buffet off Craigslist... only $80!!

So, I painted and distressed it! I love it! 

Final look:

My project this week will have to include heading to Home Goods to start decorating the top of this thing!! 

That little art piece above my new buffet... Yeah... I made that! 

My sister and I started this project and then she kinda left me with it... Here is the one I made for her:

That's right... I made 2 sets! It was tedious but they turned out pretty cool! We started with 2 1x6 pieces of wood. We got Home Depot to cut them and then we stained them with some leftover stain I already had. It was an easy project just a little long! Took a couple days! 

And now a few things for school:

Last year I used a clipchart (which was great), and the teacher next to me would carry around this stick all the time. It was such an easy way to use a clip chart, I had to copy! So she inspired me to create this:

I just used a regular old yard stick and painted my colors with some regular craft paint. 

My last creation was a pinspiration....

I got my frames from Michaels $3.99/piece for 5x7 frames. 

Love how these turned out!!

Ok... I think that is all for this week.... now.... must sleep! 

Happy Monday!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made It

I have taken ALOT of time away... but I'm back!

There are some major changes going on in my school next year. An addition on our building, LOTS of new teachers, and a new principal... lots of change!! I am a very flexible with change... not one to normally stress out...but I have a feeling this year may be a little different. We have a lot of new teachers and many of them are coming to second grade. Four new-to-our-school teachers will be added to my team!

I'm trying to not think about all this until at least July, and so far I have done NOTHING school related (besides some tutoring on the side). But, today I actually started getting some stuff organized. I still have committed to myself I won't go in to school until July, at home there are a TON of things I can do!

So, I am doing my first link up of the summer for:

I really only made one thing this week and it was inspired by this pin:

This is adorably handwritten, but I made it a little more my style:

I plan on getting it printed LARGE and hanging it on my door with a cute border around it (hoping to cover a hole that someone punched in my door!!)

You can download this freebie if you "Like" me on facebook and Click on my "Fan Freebie". 

Hope to have more for you soon! :) Happy Monday reading.... I think I am off to the pool!