Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made It

I have taken ALOT of time away... but I'm back!

There are some major changes going on in my school next year. An addition on our building, LOTS of new teachers, and a new principal... lots of change!! I am a very flexible with change... not one to normally stress out...but I have a feeling this year may be a little different. We have a lot of new teachers and many of them are coming to second grade. Four new-to-our-school teachers will be added to my team!

I'm trying to not think about all this until at least July, and so far I have done NOTHING school related (besides some tutoring on the side). But, today I actually started getting some stuff organized. I still have committed to myself I won't go in to school until July, at home there are a TON of things I can do!

So, I am doing my first link up of the summer for:

I really only made one thing this week and it was inspired by this pin:

This is adorably handwritten, but I made it a little more my style:

I plan on getting it printed LARGE and hanging it on my door with a cute border around it (hoping to cover a hole that someone punched in my door!!)

You can download this freebie if you "Like" me on facebook and Click on my "Fan Freebie". 

Hope to have more for you soon! :) Happy Monday reading.... I think I am off to the pool!


  1. Love the saying! Great job!

  2. Love the saying and it's in my class colors of black and white! PERFECT! Thank you.

  3. I do like your sign...and the thoughts behind it. I think I need one for my next classroom!

  4. Love it! Think I'm going to print it, frame it, and hang it with some ribbon - will make a perfect door hanger for those non-holiday times of year! Thanks so much!