Sunday, August 4, 2013

back in the action and my math block

Yes, we are back! Back in school... we started on Thursday, for a half day- then had Friday off. So, tomorrow will be my first full day with my kiddos... I am expecting severe exhaustion!

Of course, I am really excited though! I have moved up to 2nd grade and I have a few of my kids from last year. I am trying out some newer strategies in my math block this year and I am very excited about it!

I borrowed a good friend's book this summer, Guided Math by Laney Sammons and started researching all over the Internet the best way to teach math.

My first step has been changing my math block from 60 to 90 minutes! It is going to shorten my science/social studies time but I think it is really necessary to meet with my students- especially my EL kids (and I can make up that science/ss time in reading).

So, after reading and researching I have landed on one schedule that seems like it will really work for me. The Clutterfree Classroom has an amazing math workshop board that allows for flexibility within your math workshop and I am totally do it!!! If you go to her site she explains it all with great detail and you can purchase parts you may need from her TPT store. I made my own, but I would suggest purchasing hers {since this was HER idea}. Here is what my board looks like:

So, here is an overview:
4 groups
4 rotations (Math Facts, At your seat, Teacher's Choice, Hands On) M.A.T.H.

5-10 minutes- Problem of Day or Review of what we are learning
15-20 minutes rotations 
Math Facts: Play math fact games
At your seat: Seatwork that may be reviewing what we are learning or working in math journals
Teacher's Choice: This will almost always be guided math portion. Each group will get a small group lesson, which will be the bulk of their individualized instruction.
Hands On: Games using manipulatives and/or pieces that give practice with skills we are working on. 
15 minutes: Closure

Closure is super important and should include and overview of the day, review of learning, and math talks! 

What are math talks? Our kids should be able to talk about how they solve problems and not just when we call on them. The goal is to get students to talk to each other while we are like moderators. I've seen teachers post "accountable talk" on a poster or pocket chart. I plan on this too! But while kids are working with each other I want them to have something close by to help foster good math talks. 

I made these Math Talk Bookmarks for this reason!

I am going to print front and back on cardstock and laminate. Kids can keep these in math journals or folders and pull out during this math talk time! Click any of the pics to download for FREE on tpt. 

Please leave me some feedback if you like :)

Have a great week! I can't wait to play with my second graders!


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