Monday, July 15, 2013

monday made it and a sneak peek!

I have been working super hard this week on my classroom. Our school doesn't start until Aug. 1, but I am planning on vacation next week so I want to get all my organization done and over with! This week I will finish up... Here is a little sneak peek combined with my Monday made it:

These are fabric covered corkboards! I am loving them! I got the idea from this pin! I hung them right by the door for reminders. 

So, I really, really wanted to go to IKEA and buy these amazingly cheap stools ($5.99/piece) for all my centers. So, I would need about 14 stools. 

The closest IKEA is 4 hours away. No bueno. 
Shipping from IKEA $40. Still no bueno. 

Then I saw this in genius idea on pinterest. This bucket seat is made from a 5 gallon paint bucket, fabric,  stuffing for the cushion, and a staple gun! After I made 14 of these (with the help of my mom!), I still came in at $5 a stool. So, they were cheaper and totally worth it. If you want to see a step by step tutorial click here

What I love most about these seats is they are small enough to slide right under center tables and they are stackable space savers! 

I have decided to do my calendar a little different this year. I usually use one of those pre-made calendar boards and each day we  fill in the info that is pertinent. Instead, I am going to use this calendar. There is space to put post its about things happening in the classroom, pictures of upcoming birthdays, etc. I do still want to incorporate some kind of calendar math though. So, I plan on purchasing:

A friend of mine introduced me to this calendar math that you display on the screen. It has a ? of the day with money, time, and addition/subtraction practice. For only $20, I'd call this a bargain!
Here is a little sneak peak of some bulletin boards I got done this week. I used some wrapping paper from the dollar bin as the background on a few of these and really only got the bunting done. I need to get to work on the rest.

I'll be back at it again this week, until it all comes together! Check out everyone else's Monday Made Its:


  1. Love your stools. So cute and your calendar is similar to mine. Love it all

  2. Oh, Laura! Everything looks great! Makes me excited to get busy...I'm waiting for some work to be done in my room though... The stools are great!


    Teaching Little Miracles

  3. Love the cork board. Where did you get the various sizes? I was out and about looking today and could only find 4" circles.

    A Very Curious Class

  4. The cork board circles are so fun. That's one off your to-do list and one on mine. Thank you for sharing.


  5. You have been busy! Your boards look wonderful! Found your blog through Monday Made It and am a new follower...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers