Sunday, December 30, 2012

You might be a bad blogger if...

You might be a bad blogger if...
you almost go a WHOLE month without posting! Especially when that month is December and you actually had some fun stuff to post about!

Our Merry "Cat"mas Week with Pete and Splat! We has lots of fun with this!





or this:

You might also be a bad blogger if...

you don't actually log on to your blogger account for weeks... yah, that's bad! I have just been so super busy with my kiddos (I mean my actual, biological kids!)

We went to ICE... without the hubs (who had to work!) That was a single-mom experience I NEVER want to have again! If you're a single mom, you know what I'm talking about!!!


Jaydon started back to basketball this month! I don't how it happens, his team seems to get the 8 a.m. games every Saturday!! grrr... I do love watching the games though!

He's the blond in the middle! 
He's got the ball!

Also, taking care of these cuties... Look at them before we went to see Santa! (Yes, that was one of those Saturdays where I shamelessly took my kids to work for a few hours before Santa!)

You might be a bad blogger if... 

if you didn't tell your friends about New Years sales! 

Woo.... glad I am missing this one... because I am telling you now! 

Check my newest January Math Tubs: 

and the beginning of Unit 4 Treasures:

I am hoping to actually do some work this week and get the rest of Unit 4 posted! 

Hope y'all have had a wonderful break! I am glad I get one more week with my babies :)


  1. this after I asked you a ? on FB...can't wait for your Unit 4, week 1! My team and I love 'em and are such a lifesaver for Treasures! Thank you!