Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Candy Corn!!!

I know this is crazy...I LOVE CANDY CORN!! I am an addict! It is horrible. Once I start I can't stop. So, I took my addiction and passed it on to my firsties! There are always a few that don't like candy corn but majority of my class loved it. We sorted different types of candy corn and graphed our findings. It is adorable!

Lucky you, I have another Halloween freebie! It is super simple and here are the supplies you need:

Ziploc Bags
Harvest Candy Corn- with a mixture of Indian Corn, regular Candy Corn, and pumpkins
Extra regular Candy Corn
Graphing Sheet- Provided Here

Just give each student a mixture of the candy corn and have fun!

Also, visit the teacher wife to learn how to make some fabulous candy corn art. We created it and it is so cute hanging in our classroom.

Check it out:

Have fun graphing!!