Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading Street

One of the hardest things about switching schools has been the change in curriculums. Math isn't so much a big change (I mean you generally go by pacing guides and teach the same kind of stuff anyway). Reading on the other hand is frustrating because I have created so many resources to go along with the previous series (Treasures) and now I have to re-make things for my new series (Reading Street). This blog and yahoo group has saved me! If you are using Reading Street another fab blog is here.
Anyway, I have had to come up with some cutesy activities for our stories. They haven't been exactly my style, but my creavity is feeling cramped. I do want to share though...someone may be able to use or expand on what I have already created.

The first week is short a and based on a story called "Sam, Come Back!". The story is about a cat that runs away then comes back--real interesting...Anyway, after reading and studying short a all week we made a cat in a sack with a clozed sentence. Since it was only the 2nd week of school I was not trying to create a writing assignment that was too hard.

This week (the 2nd week) is short i and based on a story called "Pig in a Wig!". The kids loved the story and we did a similar project today. I got the craft idea here. It was a pretty cute idea. I printed the outlines on pink paper then we went through each step together. Then, I discovered some AWESOME writing paper here. Click "Try Now"! I was able to create a printable clozed sentence.
Here are the pics:

Have a great three day weekend!! Don't plan too much!