Sunday, June 19, 2011

Common Core Standards

This past week I went to training for the common core standards that Tennessee will be implementing K-2 this school year. In addition to this, I have been taking a couple classes towards my Masters and in one class I did a powerpoint for Bloom's Taxonomy that I thought was a perfect fit.

As many of you know, the Common Core seem to be less standards but we are suppose to teach them to MASTERY! Doesn't sound so hard, right? One question was brought up about how long should you stay on a topic or how many different ways can you teach the same thing? I know there are some concepts that you can just exhaust to the point of hating, but I also know we are creative geniuses! We need to be teaching our students how to use their creativity too by using Bloom's Taxonomy in EVERY lesson while planning. It may sound overwhelming but it is really important. I know there are a lot of teachers out there who already use Bloom's, but I also know there are many who don't.

I think a good way to determine if a student has mastered one these new standards is determining what level of Bloom's they can demonstrate. If they can demonstrate all levels, they probably have a good grasp on the subject! Anyway, I am going to be working more this year to implement Bloom's in everyday planning but I wanted to share my powerpoint because I think it is important for all teachers to have a really good grasp of this topic!

I am a big technology person, so my favorite part of this is the links I shared for teaching at each level of Bloom's. There are so so many ways to implement technology while using higher order thinking skills. Take might make your planning easier!

That is all for now! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Please check out this new resource at 1st Grade CCSS links. Our district is phasing into CCSS this year. Hope we can help each other out in blogland!
    First Grade Frame of Mind