Teaching blogs have changed my life! Well... that may be a little drastic, but in some ways it is true! Before I found teaching blogs I was always (I mean always) stressed out. I was a new teacher and I even though I had some good teachers around me (mentoring me) it wasn't coming together.

Every blog I have read and shared has added something to my teaching. I am so grateful to all of you teachers out there who inspire me daily!

I am not just a teacher though. In some ways I am a teacher ALL day. I have 2 sweet (I use that word broadly) kids who keep me busy everyday! They look sweet alright...

They are (most of the time)! I am so blessed with 2 smarty pants-- sometimes too smart for their own good!

I also have a very supportive, hard-working husband. He takes care of me in every way possible. It is hard be a spouse to a teacher and he is very patient with my busy schedule. 

Other interesting things you should know about me:

  • I have crazy food cravings... mostly of some kind of chocolate!
  • I have a little Yorkie poo who barks at everything- even me when I come home!
  • Favorite show: Grey's Anatomy
  • I love anything vintage (especially furniture). 
  • Pastel colors are my favorite. 
  • I hate being cold! I just can't get enough of this summer sun :)
  • I am very organized with school stuff; very unorganized at home. My husband is not happy about this!
  • I am addicted to buying little girl clothes and shoes. I just can't help it-- they are sooo cute!
I hope you enjoy reading about my teaching life and it help you somehow in your classroom too! Enjoy :)